Jan. 27th, 2009

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This year was the first time in ages that I didn't sit at home all through Australia Day listening to the Hottest 100. I heard bits and pieces during the morning, and then listened from around #45 through to the end in full.

After looking at the full list to see what I missed in the morning, I gotta say - that's probably the crappest, most utterly uninteresting Hottest 100 ever. And I think it's been slowly improving over the past 2-3 years after a serious slump for the year or two before that.

Random thoughts:

The Kings of Leon are one of the most unbelievably dull bands I've ever heard. "Sex on Fire" is the least interesting #1 since "My Happiness", perhaps even since "Pretty Fly for a White Guy". It seems that Kings of Leon are standing on the very edge of mainstream superstardom at the moment, so I predict their next album will be hugely popular on commercial radio and JJJ will subsequently go into denial that they ever supported them. Like when Coldplay made the Top 5. Twice. Or when Linkin Park got in.

In the portion of the countdown that I heard, the only songs that got me interested were the entries by Emiliana Torrini, Architecture in Helsinki, Bon Iver, Flight of the Conchords and The Ting Tings (yeah, I absolutely fucking love "That's Not My Name"). Upon checking out the rest of the list, there were also some decent songs by Fleet Foxes, Tame Impala and maybe one or two others. That's it. There was some stuff in the bottom half I didn't recognise, but the rest of the list (probably about 50-60 songs all up) ranged from innofensively meh (stuff like Vampire Weekend and MGMT) to complete shit. The Top 40 portion I heard was certainly a pretty major suckfest.

What the fuck is up with three bands (MGMT, KoL and Presets) all getting two songs a piece in the Top 10? Woo for variety. On a related note, I think it'd be really interesting to see a Hottest 100 list with a one-song-per-artist limit.

Australian hip-hop still sucks almost without exception.

Triple J has fewer likeable announcers every year.

Random song-hate bitching - I hate that Empire of the Sun song so fucking much. Oh, and that Cut Copy song. I still don't understand why everyone loves Cut Copy so much. And did I mention that I hate Australian hip-hop?

Disappointed that listed-on-the-voting-list-and-popular-enough-that-they-could-conceivably-make-the-overall-list artists like TV on the Radio, Beck, The Drones, Deerhunter, etc didn't manage to place.

Apparently everyone was expecting me to have a party again. I suppose I've done it for enough consecutive years that it's become kind of a standard tradition. Sorry to disappoint! Maybe I'll put one on again next year.

Supposedly they're doing another Hottest 100 of All Time in July. I really wish they'd impose a "must have been out 3+ years" rule, or something to that effect. The last one was dominated by random popular stuff from the last few years. Should be interesting, though. I wonder if "Smells Like Teen Spirit" will still be #1?

So, what did everyone else think of the countdown?
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So, in my last post I said "Sex on Fire" was the least interesting #1 since "My Happiness". After posting, I wondered if it deserved to rate lower than Alex Lloyd's "Amazing", Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" or Bernard Fanning's "Wish You Well", three more truly snore-worthy tracks. That got me to thinking "Jeez, is the number one ever particularly good?" Well, lets have a look:

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