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Saw Wolverine yesterday.

*I liked the movie for about the first 2/3, and then it went totally off the rails and sucked pretty hard for the last act.

*Hugh Jackman continues to be a great Wolverine.

*Actually, the casting was generally solid. Schreiber made a brilliant Sabertooth, Zero was pretty badass, Ryan Reynolds made a great Wade Wilson during the opening sequence, and I'd love to see him play a proper version of the character in a stand-alone film.

*The opening "break in" sequence where you get to see all the characters being cool and using their powers? That was fun :)

*You remember how I did a post a while back about hating it when movies manufacture a "last minute villain" using the same tech/magic/whatever that gives the hero their powers? Yeah, it's even more annoying when movies do that when THERE'S ALREADY A PERFECTLY GOOD VILLAIN WHO HAS A CONFLICT WITH THE HERO AND YOU'VE BEEN SETTING UP AN IMPENDING CONFRONTATION FOR THE ENTIRE FILM. Hell, you've got two established antagonists if you include Stryker. And you unnecessarily fuck up Deadpool in the process. Nice job.

*So, yeah, that's the "disappointing third act" I was referring to with dot point number 1.

*I liked the opening credits sequence, with all the little freeze-frame bits.

*I can't get used to de-aged Xavier. It just looks weird.

*Gambit was a bit of a non-event, but I didn't mind the actor portraying him. Hopefully they'll have some more of him in future films.

*I like how when someone with the power of suggestion tells you to walk until your feet bleed and then just keep on walking, it actually means "walk until someone talks to you, then just stop, it's cool."

*This film featured a lot of yelling at the sky. Once per film is enough.

*And someone actually said "I'm so cold" during their death scene. Nice one, Johnny McClichePants.

*I can't think of anything else worth mentioning.
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